Join key franchising experts at Franchise Fest 2019. Sharing their insider knowledge, they will be delivering two days of proven techniques and creative ideas, so you can skyrocket your franchise in 2020.

 Coconut Creatives, the franchise marketing company, are passionate about the growth of franchise businesses. Once again, they are bringing together the very best franchise experts and thought leaders in business, to share their insight and strategies to help you grow your franchise.

And this year, on 20th and 21st  November, Franchise Fest is going even bigger and better! Can you afford to miss out?

 Here’s a sneak peek into our agenda so far!



Attendees will learn exactly what is going on in the UK franchise recruitment environment, and what is required, if they are to fast-track franchisee recruitment. 

With many franchisors finding the recruitment of franchisees harder and harder, we want to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Discover what techniques really work, from those who are implementing then, and receive practical insight into how you can leverage them for yourselves. 

The day will also feature real-life case studies from both franchisors and a host of the industry’s leading experts, including:

MY STORY: Theo Millward
Franchisor and Managing Director of Swimtime UK

Theo will be sharing with us his journey with Swimtime, where he has focussed relentlessly on process innovation. As a result, he’s seen a surge in growth, relaunched the brand and deployed ground-breaking management system which brings cutting edge digitisation, machine learning and AI to the business.

Entrepreneur, podcast host, author and life coach

Tommy has been helping people to achieve positive changes in body and mind, since he started Personal Training back in 2007. By working closely with them, he helps individuals and teams perform to their absolute best, through his high-level coaching and training on a physical, mental & emotional level.

FINDING LEADS: Adam Lovelock
Director and Head of Online Marketing at Coconut Creatives

Since the internet has exploded into being, the last few years have seen significant shifts in how people research and buy franchises. Adam is passionate about capitalising on these shifts, to identify and use the most up-to-date marketing techniques to pull in vital leads for clients. Sharing his insights into the future of franchise marketing, Adam will be inspiring you to pursue your highest goals in franchisee recruitment.

CEO of Platinum Wave Franchising

Taking you through the next stage of the franchise recruitment journey, Suzie’s session will cover how to nurture your leads through the recruitment process to becoming a franchisee. With nearly 20 years of first-hand international franchising experience, Suzie will be sharing her knowledge and insider tips from Platinum Wave’s successful case studies. 

Managing Director of Transworld Business Advisors UK

Transworld Business Advisors consult on franchise growth and development. Involved in the sale of businesses, including franchise resales, Henry has supported many business owners into realising the next stage of their life-goal. He will be taking you through how to help your franchisees achieve their exit goals, through growing and successfully selling their franchise businesses. 


The second day will explore how franchisors can empower their current franchise network to grow their businesses. This will include tips for motivating, incentivising and better supporting their networks, using the latest marketing tips and trends. 

The second day will explore how franchisors can empower their current franchise network to grow their businesses. Uncovering exactly what is required to fast-track business growth. This will include tips for motivating, incentivising and better supporting their networks, using the latest marketing tips and trends.

On each of the two days of Franchise Fest, we will be offering both keynote sessions, panel discussions and break-out workshops, including: 

Founder of The HR Dept

Sue knows all too well, the workplace can be stressful. So, she will be talking to us about how to improve wellbeing by cultivating positive mental health mindsets, managing stress and understanding how best to tackle issues around workplace stress for yourself, your staff and your franchisees. 

Managing Director of Stryde.

Kieran is passionate about driving business growth and helps franchise networks with their financial strategy and automation. He’ll be talking you through how to help your franchisees gain clarity over how to move their businesses forward and help them streamline financial processes.

Director and Video Producer at Red Book Productions.

Mark works with hundreds of different businesses and franchises, helping them to harness the power of video marketing! He’ll be taking you through the videos you and your network need to help build your businesses, along with topics such as content creation, confidence on camera and the best video equipment. 


And, like any good festival, we also have activities, music and evening performances, which are sure to make your experience a fun and memorable event! This includes a morning yoga session, creative sessions, as well as music from The SUPERHEROES, featuring Matt O’Neil!

The SUPERHEROES are an epic rock and soul band who play to audiences across the country! This year all suppliers to Franchise Fest are coming from within the franchise industry, and the band is no different! ERA’s very own Matt O’Neil features in the SUPERHEROES! 

Their repertoire boasts rock hits spanning five decades, so there’s always something for everyone. From The Killers and Bon Jovi to The Who and U2, they are going to be bringing some true rock n’ roll to the Franchise Fest stage!